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Special Report Knit your first baby blanket

A baby's on the way, and you want to give something personal, something truly of yourself. The solution: Sit down and knit a cozy crib blanket.  Baby blankets are based on squares, which means there's no complicated shaping required.

There are so many thinks to consider when you think about making your first baby blanket.

It is important to ensure the yarn or fabric you choose, to make your baby blanket is colour fast, many accidents happen with babies with spillage that the colour from a baby’s blanket can easily ruin other clothing your baby is wearing.  Choose soft pastel colours.

Blankets need to be made of light to medium weight yarn or fabric, heavy blankets can suffocate your baby.  Ideally when knitting blankets for babies use acrylic baby yarn, nice organic cotton or washable wool, these are softer and nicer next to baby’s skin.  Most patterns will guide you as to what is the recommended yarn to use.  It is important that whatever yarn you choose that it can handle being washed regularly.

Allow yourself plenty of time to make the blanket, as most baby patterns are knitted using a small needles, and a fine yarn therefore it will take many stitches and rows to complete a decent size blanket.  In fact you may wish to start as soon as pregnancy has been announced,

When making your first blanket don’t pick projects that are too complex with many stitch variations, as you might not complete it in time for the new arrival.

Most good stores carry a range of products that they recommend specifically for making items for babies, check these out.

It is important when using blankets to ensure your the blanket is wrapped snuggly around the baby, then tuck the end of the blanket under the base of the crib/cot mattress, with your baby's feet touching the footboard. Also don't put the blanket any higher on the baby than up to his chest as that will help prevent your precious little one from slipping under the blankets and suffocating.

Here is a very simple pattern for beginner’s to make their first baby blanket.

There is no guage to measure the finished size is entirely up to the knitter, but ideally 36” x 34” (90cm x 85cm) will be a sufficient size for a baby blanket.

You will need

Approx 12 oz of suitable baby yarn

Size 10 or size 11 knitting needles – depending on your knitting style you may wish to practice by knitting a square using both needles and see which size gives you the desired look.

Some knitting stitch markers – these will be used to mark your borders on your blanket.

Bottom Border - cast on 120 stitches (refer to Knit-easy casting on techniques) and knit 10 rows – this will be the bottom border of your blanket.

Blanket - the next 4 rows will establish your pattern

Row 11 - K7 stitches then place a marker (this is for the side border of your blanket) purl to the last 7 stitches, place another marker to designate your other side border – K7 the last 7 stitches.

Row 12 – Knit entire row

Row 13 – K7 stiches (or to marker) purl to last 7 stitches (or marker) and K7

Row 14 – Knit entire row

Row 15 – K7 purl to last 7 stitches – K7

You will now see your border taking shape.

Repeat rows 12 to 15 until you achieve your required length, ending with purl row.

Top Border  - knit 10 rows as per bottom border then cast off as per techniques explained in Knit-easy

You can of course make many other great items for newborns.  A great resource for ideas and who you should knit something special for can be found at Miracles Happen - and this is truly what newborns are all about  Miracles  so what are you waiting for get some ideas and start making your own Miracles Happen

Before you rush out and buy a pattern be sure to check out the many resources available in the Knit-easy Ultimate guide to free knitting resources on the net.

But you may also like to check out this great resource to
baby blankets

Also search google for more free patterns for baby blankets
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