This email is to say a HUGE thank you to you for being there for us and being an invaluable part of our knitting experience. Accept all our thanks too for your absolutely fabulous website and the excellent knitting-crochet links.

Keep up your good work!! With all our thanks,.
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Janneth, Jura and Hannah, Malaysia

It had been 17 years since I last picked up my needles and now it just seemed too hard to learn it all again. I was about to give up on trying knit for good – that is until I took a chance and got Knit-easy - a Knitter's Guide to Success it is truly a life saver! 

Thanks for making me realize how much fun it is to knit again.

Amanda -  Utah, USA

I've read tons of information about how to improve my knitting skills on the Web, but I've never seen anything like this. Knit-Easy it  is full of practical, proven, how-to advice framed in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. What a brilliant idea! I just went through the program one day at a time, which was wonderful to maintain focus....Best of all, since I implemented all the strategies in the manual, I've been able to complete a cable knit sweater. Thank you Anna

Elizabeth - Scotland, UK

All I can say is WOW! I'm so excited with all the new stuff I just learned that I am already starting on my first project, a cute little scarf for my niece. I know that all the tips in here are going to make me an even better knitter. In my opinion, you couldn't have picked a better place to start!

Claire, Auckland, NZ

Just a big thank you, I started knitting just a small scarf and have enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it into a prayer scarf for my mom for Mothers Day....


Anna you dont stop amazing me... 
Thanks a million, you're definitely the best


I've completed the first project, the scarf design that you gave me, and it's brilliant. Thanks a lot for that...

Siti Ros 

Your literature has been a great help thankyou and I'm getting the hang of it slowly.

 Becky, Florida, USA

Thanks for your instruction on knitting!! It ready help me a lot in my knitting lesson. I'm still knitting my first scaft and i think it will be complate by today!! I'm so glad that finally i learned knitting!!
Thank you very much!!

Molly, Vancouver, CA

Your instructions are really great. Thank sooooo much. I've learned a lot (so has
so has my mum!)

 Aalia, NZ

Anna – you are keeping me sane through my knitting! Thanks so much. You have become my surrogate “knitting” mum ....
I am only glad that I found your website.

Thanks once again for your time, patient and very clear instructions.

Lesley, UK

I started out with a simple thought wouldn't it be wonderful to create something special for my grandmother.  She tried to teach me how to knit many years ago, but well I never mastered the technique, now she is in great pain with arthritis and can no longer knit.  I wanted to do something special for her, thank you Knit-easy I have picked up where my grandmother left off (she had so many unfinished projects) and she loves watching me knit as we chat together.  There is so much to learn and with the help of Knit-easy and my grandmother's watchful eye - at last I am mastering it .   Now making a very special wrap for my grandmother for christmas with lots of colour.

Cynthia, Utah, USA


"Knit-easy presents - A Knitter's Guide To Success
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Dear Friend

From the desk of Anna Stewart,

I have been knitting for more than 40 years and understand why many people who try to learn how to knit or try to advance their knitting techniques give up before they get started.....

Often it is because the instructions are too confusing, or there are no illustrations to demonstrate the steps.

Many attempt very complex projects but give up as they really don't understand the terminologies or abbreviations, that are used in knitting patterns, let alone know the techniques, worse still no one around to ask for help.

If this is you then you have come to the right place, in fact this might be the most important letter you'll ever read ....

Whether you are a first time knitter or an advance
knitter looking to improve your knitting techniques Knit-easy will show you how.

Starting with the basics we will work on perfecting your techniques, then move onto to create beautiful items for yourself and family, learning , advanced knitting techniques, such as intarsia/entrelac, cable knitting, moss stitch, how to 
increase and decrease, believe me there are multiple ways to do this, and so much more ......,

Not only will you learn how to knit, but I will also show you how you can design and create your own patterns, which can save you hundreds of dollars on designer items.

Learn the techniques that the professionals use, but the best part is - you will learn both continental and english knitting methods, with simple easy knitting patterns for beginners.  And I haven't forgotten left handed knitters, there is a complete section just for you

It now gets better - you will also learn how to resize, modify, and create your own knitting patterns and designs – imagine you will be able to knit anything for a baby,  fantastic sweaters for all the family, heaps of hats, scarves which make great gifts and much much more ..

Start with the Knit-easy free patterns included in Knit-easy.

Then with the help of Knit-easy go on and create one of those beautiful celtic designs with all the wonderful cables with Knit-easy cable knitting becomes a breeze.

Best of all by following my techniques you will also learn how to work with multiple yarns, textures and the best part lots of colour learning the fine art of intarsia.

Inside Knit-easy you will find:

Step-by-step illustrated instructions with all the inside secrets on how to knit - the secrets only the professionals know that you must learn to realise your full potential.

Knit-easy takes you through the basics and then onto more advance topics that are a must know if you want to create exiciting items for yourself and family.

This is what you will find inside Knit-easy:

knitting_needlesEverything you need to know to get started
- this will save you time and money on tools and material

how_to_cast_on Step by step illustrations to cast on
- You think there is only one way to cast on, when you finish this section you will you will be an expert on all the techniques

learn_how_to_purl How to distiguish your knits from your purls
- learn this and you will never be lost again, your friends will think you have been knitting for years

learn how to cast off Complete your projects - binding or cast off
- learn the proven steps to achieving

learn intarsia Add colour learn the secrets to intarsia
- create your own designs, add logos, save money and make unique gifts for family and friends

learn how to block your knitting The secrets to blocking and sewing your work together
- Every thing you make will look like it belonged on the catwalk, who knows maybe it will

Comprehensive guide to tools to use
- save time and money don't buy any equipment until you've checked this out

knitted items How to care for your precious garments
- you will be able to keep your hand knitted items for years to come - maybe even make them heirlooms - don't let your your hard work get shrunk in the wash

customise patterns Learn how to measure and fit
- customise patterns to your needs - even knitting maternity wear becomes a breeze

how to design knitted items Little know secrets to designing your own patterns
- Release your creativity and let your imagination run wild

knitting yarns A guide to what needles to use with which yarns
- Get the tension right and you will have perfect results every time

knitting abbreviations Understand the terminology and abbreviations used in knitting
- A comprehensive glossary of knitting terms used by in knitting patterns

continental and english knitting Continental and English knitting methods illustrtated
- Try both and pick your favourite style and improve your techniques, and speeds.

knitting increase and decrease Learn the many techniques to increase and decrease
- Shape your items to suit all your needs, even knitting maternity items become a breeze.

home based businessButton holes - made easy
- Now you can make a beautiful cardigan or sweater using these techniques to create button holes and button strips.

blocking board Make your own blocking board
- Blocking your items prior to sewing together a must learn to for that professional finish

knitting community Knitting for charity and your community
- Ideas and projects to make to help your community

beginner patterns Patterns specially designed for beginners
- don't attempt any difficult projects until you perfect your techniques with 4 simple patterns specially for beginners.

vintage patterns Vintage style and Patterns are a must have for any new designer
- Fashions come and go, then comeback again – don’t toss any patterns out without checking this first.

baby knitting Knitting for babies – make your first baby blanket for the new born
- Learn the do’s and don’ts of knitting for babies

doll knitting Knitting for dolls – great way to use up left over yarn
- Today clothes for dolls can be more expensive than for children – make the most of your new found skill

cable knitting Cable Knitting made simple
- Now you can start knitting those beautiful cable knit sweaters, your family will love you.

left hand knitting Left Handed knitting instructions
- Many knitting books forget how awkward it is for our left handed friends to knit - well I haven't.

home based business Learn how you can earn money from your knitting.
- Imagine making a living from something you are passionate about.

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Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Reason one:
I have been knitting for some 40+ years and spent thousands of $$$'s on books, tools, materials and patterns, trying many different techniques and styles, now I have combined my knowledge, research and skills to bring you a simple easy to follow step by step instructions that will make your projects have that professional finish every time

Knit-easy is packed with everything  you need and want to know, it is not a book you read once then put on the bookshelf.

Knit-easy is an ebook which you will find yourself referring to again and again, each time you want to try something new.

In fact it will be the only resource you will ever need for all your knitting projects for years to come.  Add to this the special bonuses, which include the Knit-easy Resources Directory, which is  updated regularly, giving you links to all the latest trends, tips and best of all where to find those FREE patterns.

Reason two:
Having spent many years in the field of education and training I truly understand how difficult learning is for some people.

I understand how difficult it is to learn new things, today many of us lead such busy and hectic lifestyles that learning something new is difficult, let alone find time to attend knitting classes, which can cost you as much as $100 for a couple of sessions, at the end of which you might only learn how to cast on!!!

Truly is learning to cast on going to help you create your own unique items.  You need to learn more.

It is for this reason that Knit-easy - A Knitter's Guide to Success is written using plain English, lots of illustrations and photographs, to make your learning experience easy and fun, the best part is you learn  at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or place of work, you decide when you are ready.  

Forget the instructions just follow the illustrations as you learn  - anyone can knit.

Reason three:
Getting started is usually the hardest part - Knit-easy will guide you through each phase of your work - various tecniques to cast on, knitting rows in garter stitch, purl stitch, stockinette, ribbing and binding off .

Both Continental or English knitting methods are explained and illustrated.

Then we will move onto shaping items with the many techniques of increasing and decreasing - believe me until you get these techniques right you will be fumbling around and wondering why your item doesn't look as good as something that can be purchased.

Then when you are ready you can try some of those more advance techniques such as intarasia, cable knitting, moss stitch and so much more ....  Knit-easy will show you how.

But it doesn't end their, learn how to block and sew your items together create invisible seams, all your items will have that professional finish.

Knit-easy will also help you determine your next project to perfect your techniques and enhance your skills.

Learning to knit has never been made so easy, or so much fun

Here is the best news of all:

You made it here just in time to take advantage of a very special offer

Because Knit-easy is being released as an ebook and not being issued to publishers for sale in stores, saving thousands on publication costs these savings we are passing directly on to our customers (i.e this means you) for a limited time you can take advantage of our special introductory offer.

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Many knitting patterns can cost up to $12 each, with this guide you will never need to buy another knitting pattern. This report alone is worth $259.00

 Bonus 2: Special Report: "Your baby's first blanket"

To welcome your new-born, sweet, cuddly child wrap them up in a cuddly, soft baby blanket.

This report will  provide you with all you need to know about baby blankets, even what yarns to pick and inside Knit-easy a Free pattern specially for beginner's value $20.00.

 Bonus 3: Special Report: "Hats and more Hats"

Knit-easy includes a free easy knit hat pattern for beginners", but I know you will want more, with this special report you will be able to make more fantastic designs.

As well as resources for more free knitting patterns - value $50.00

Bonus 4: Special Report: "Knitting for dolls"

Can never find dolls clothes - don't worry this resource will show you where to get all the best FREE knitting patterns for Beanie Babies, American Girl Dolls, Barbies, Cabbage Patch, babies and children. These make great gifts too! ...

Dolls clothes can cost $30 each - do I have to put a value on this report.

  Bonus 5: Special Report: "Learn to Crochet"

If you're a knitting enthusiast then most likely you're going to love to crochet too! Because I realize there's a strong affinity between the two styles, you're going to get a copy of the best crochet resource I've ever found on the Internet.

This outstanding and concise ebook from Lion Brand Yarn is a no frills just the facts resource complete with illustrations that will show you everything you need to know to get started.

This bonus alone is an estimated $29 value and it’s yours free with your order of Knit-Easy

  Bonus 6: Special Report: "Sizzling Scarfs"

We all need scarfs to keep out those chilly winter winds, wrap you and your family up with your own designs.

Knit-easy includes an easy-knit pattern for beginners to set you on the right track to making your first scarf, but I know you will want more designs and you will find them all here.

Once you knit your first scarf - you can then move onto more exciting projects.

  Bonus 7: Special Report: "Poncho's are back in vogue"

Ponchos where popular in the 70's, and are now back on the scene.  Some say it is all Martha's Stewart's doing.

Young people are opting more for a poncho rather than the traditional shawl for those special occasions.

Even designers are having their models on the catwalk wear ponchos to complement their unique designs.

Bonus 8: Special Report: "Simple Shawls"

When putting this report together I researched so much information on shawls, the variety, the style, the materials, I was stunned.  But knew I had to keep things simple for new knitters.

This will give you enough foresight about the knitting patterns and diversity of styles and materials available for knitting shawls.
Bonus 9: Exclusive Report: "Knitting socks and mittens"
Knitting socks and mittens can be fun, and with practise can be very quick and easy projects.  However many patterns require you work with circular or multiple needles

Don't start knitting your first socks until you have read this special report.
Bonus 10: Exclusive Report: " Vintage knitting patterns"

Now you can knit a piece of history your family will cherish forever.

With the skills you will learn from knit-easy and this special report you can create unique retro designs and beat the fashion designers at their own game.

This report alone can save you $100's of dollars

 Bonus 11: Exclusive Report "Knitting sweaters for beginners"

Don't start to knit your first sweater without reading this report first.

There are so many designs, and some involve very complex techniques and not aimed at the new knitter.

I put this report together in response to the many questions I have received from you.

 Bonus #12: Exclusive Report "Knitting Short Rows"

This is a technique used to add dimension or create curves in otherwise flat items.

Many pattern writers use the term WPT (wrap and turn) – unfortunately they do not always explain how to do the steps and close the gaps that are created with each WPT.

As well as our exclusive report you will also receive a step by step tutorial on this very unique technique.

More Good News...You Risk Nothing!! 

No risk - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you order your copy of Knit Easy, I insist you do so entirely at my risk.  There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this full 60 days - 100% refund Guarantee.

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