Knitting Lesson

Would you like to have a free knitting lesson? If you are new to this craft, that is not a bad idea, as this craft must be taught to you by someone who already knows it. Very few people can learn this craft on their own. But who do you go to about finding a free knitting lesson?

Knitting Lesson

You could begin with Anna Stewart’s Knit Easy guide book from Easy-knit. Anna has 40 years of experience in this craft and her new eBook is a great knitting lesson to have on hand. It is packed with all the knowledge that you need to get started in this craft.

With this knitting lesson online, you will learn:

  • The basics for this craft
  • The advanced techniques needed for more complex projects
  • The English stitch method
  • The Continental stitch method
  • A variety of stitch patterns of all sorts

As you progress, you will also learn to create your own patterns, as well as how to resize any pattern to fit your individual needs. She also shows you how to modify any pattern to give the end product your own touch of style.

This knitting lesson eBook can save you a lot of money. You will not need to buy more books in order to learn the more advanced skills. They are already included in this one. And if you are left handed, there are instructions in the guide for you, too!

The Knit Easy guide is easy to read and easy to understand. There are many illustrations included to help ensure that you understand the technique that is being presented. You will begin with the basics and when you are ready you will move to the more advanced techniques. The guide is also self-paced -- take as much time as you need on each subject. Before you know it, you will crafting like the pros.

She has also included 12 fantastic bonus gifts for you. These are included with your purchase.

For those interested in learning more about this wonderful craft, we encourage you to visit the website and read all the details at You can see what others have had to say in the past about this remarkable product and learn how they mastered this craft by using Anna’s special techniques.